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The greatest problem of all, when it comes to broken relationships, may be the inability to change.


Every relationship you have has three levels:


  1. Spirit: is the first thing you “touch” in a relationship with another person.


  1. Soul: is made up of the intellect, will and emotions


  1. Body: if appropriate, a relationship enters the third level with appropriate touch


A general rule of thumb is: whatever dishonours another person usually closes their spirit.


Five Attitudes to Open a Person’s Spirit…


Attitude #1: Become soft & tender with the person.

Attitude #2: Understand what the other person has gone through

Attitude #3: Acknowledge the hurt and admit any wrongdoing

Attitude #4: Use gentle touch

Attitude #5: Seek forgiveness and wait for a reply

Forgiveness means to “release, set free, to untie.”

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